Legislation and Policies Regulating Ports and Harbours

Sr No Law/Rules Scope
1 Karachi Port Trust Act, 1886 Power to define and alter limits of Port. Government may by notification in the Official Gazette:   (1)  Define the limits of the port for purpose of this Act, and   (2) From time to time alter such limits.
  Karachi Port Trust (SRO 1/2003) An SRO which to rationalize and restructure the KPT tariff with a view to making it less cumbersome, more logical and more economical.
2 Port Qasim Authority Act, 1973 This Act provides for the establishment of the Port Qasim Authority, defines its functions, powers and internal organization and lays down rules relative to management of and navigation in marine ports and inland waterways ports.
3 The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1925 An Act to amend the law with respect to the carriage of goods by sea .
4 Port Act, 1908 An Act to consolidate the Enactments relating to Ports and Port charges.
5 The Customs Act, 1969 An act to amend the law relating the levy and collection of customs-duties on goods and other allied matters such declaration of ports, arrival and departure of Conveyance.
6 Gwadar Port Authority Ordinance, 2002 An ordinance for the establishment of an Authority within the limits of Gwadar Port for making arrangements for the planning, construction, operation, management and maintenance of Gwadar Deep Water Port at Gwadar, and associated facilities and industries and for matters incidental thereto.
7 Pakistan Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 2001 In Pakistan, Admiralty and maritime law mainly involves the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 19256 (Hague Rules) and Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 2001. It bounds the ships entering in Pakistani waters to abide international laws in conjunction with this ordinance and not to pollute the sea in any way
8 The Dangerous Cargo Act, 1953 An Act [to make further provision for] the safety of ports in respect of the transit, working and storage of dangerous cargoes and matters incidental thereto.
9 Dock Labourers Act, 1934 An Act to give effect in [Pakistan] to the Convention concerning the protection against accidents of workers employed in loading and unloading ships.
10 The Pakistani Dock Labourer Regulations, 1948 They shall apply only within the limits of major ports as defined by or under the Ports Act, 1908.
11 License for Domestic and International Passenger – Cargo Ferry Service Operation To facilitate zaireen, tourist and business community, the Ministry of Ports and Shipping, the Government of Pakistan, decided to issue license for domestic and international passengers and cargo ferry service operation on the routes of Karachi to Gwadar, Gwadar to Muscat, Karachi to Muscat, Karachi To Chahbahar, Gwadar to Chahbahar, proposed international excursion tours and local city operations within Karachi.