Trade Information Portal

The Trade Information Portal highlights the existing trade framework in Pakistan and the infrastructural linkages that assist in trade connectivity with regional countries. The How-To Portal will provide step-by-step procedures related to trade in Pakistan: from setting-up a company, to domestic framework on import/export of goods and services.

Pakistan has a comprehensive legal framework for trade and transit, at both the Federal and Provincial levels of the government. This framework comprises of various laws and policies, trade regulators, and governing acts for various trade connectivity projects, including Special Economic Zones, Pakistan Single Window, Special Technology Zones, and Ports and Harbours.

All of the roads and rail infrastructure of Pakistan can now be accessed through the given interactive map. Pakistan’s infrastructure mainly focuses on connecting Pakistan from within and beyond to the neighbors, Central Asia and Europe.

The How-To Portal highlights the technical and procedural requirements pertaining to imports, exports, and setting up of companies. The section assists traders and businessmen, complimenting the interactive map, by simplifying these procedures.

Setting up a Company

Import and Export Procedures

Transit Procedures